Different Views for the Same Event

February 27, 2009

Here at SoftLayer, we try to address customer issues as quickly as possible. Recently, I have been faced with a few more support tickets than usual, which got me thinking about an experience in my younger life. Back in the 90’s in South Korea, my buddies and I were in our early 20’s and it felt like we owned the world. We were full of energy and everything was fun. As Korea is a peninsula, the ocean was a big part of our lives. Every summer, we went to the beach together. There are many beaches as you can imagine, and they get pretty crowded during the summer.

Who wants to work or study during the hot summer days? Come on! Heading out for a day at the beach was a lot more fun.

It was one summer that we went to a nice beach (see picture). Some of us brought our girlfriends and some did not. On the way to the beach, one of my friends, Park, who was single and a decent looking young man, told us about his dream that he hoped would come true that summer. His idea was to rescue a girl from drowning and develop this coincidence into a romantic relationship. Yeah, right. The rest of us had trouble taking his dream seriously. Party’s on!

When we got to the beach, he was busy swimming right away. I suppose he should have been. His chances of being the first person to rescue a drowning woman were about as good as winning the lottery. Look at the picture. You get the idea.

We lost track of him for the most of the day and this is the story he later told us. He was chilling out in the water, on the lookout for damsels in distress. While he was dreaming about his coincidental rescue and romance, he heard a desperate woman’s voice just behind him.

“Help! I got a cramp in my leg.”

Instantly, he was in heart-pounding, breathtaking euphoria; thinking: “Wow, today is the day. Heck, yeah. I swam all day. God helps those who help themselves.”

So, off he goes. He turned himself toward the voice with his eyes strained, willing to risk anything to rescue that woman.

It immediately became apparent the girl was not quite his type at all. He muttered under his breath: “God is busy helping other people as usual”. He shouted loudly so she could hear him with no mistake.

“Sorry, I can’t swim very well!”

And he turned and began swimming back in the opposite direction.

He felt pretty bad after he got away from her; so, he looked back. Surprisingly, the lady had managed to swim to shore by herself. He had mixed emotions after swimming back to shore. I told him, “Don’t feel too bad. I think you helped her build up the mental strength and she found the inner strength to overcome the cramp.”

Clocking back to present, I’ve had quite a few support tickets over the past several days here at SoftLayer. It is not at all as bad as the girl’s situation but I’ve felt a little pressure since it isn’t normal and I’ve got other stuff to do.

Looking back on past experiences, I realize I can view the same event in two different ways, just like flipping a coin. It was a lot of pressure in the beginning to deal with the extra support issues; but, now I’ve learned so many things within such a short period of time. Not only have I learned more about our products, like CDNLayer, but I got a better idea of what customers want. So, drawing in tickets isn’t all bad; it strengthens me after all.

Hey, young single guys out there don’t just walk away from a girl in danger because she is not your type. I guess that’s my point, because I can tell you that my friend remains single to this day.