Social Networking and Customer Relationships

March 11, 2009

Social networking websites are all the rage today. You are able to keep up with old friends, collegues, and now even business contacts. I believe this is truly the coolest part about these types of sites. While it is fun to constantly know what your first boyfriend's sister's cousin is up to at any given time, it is also nice to be able to make a business relationship a little more personal.

I started working in the web hosting industry back in 2003. While there were social networking websites out there, they weren't a huge thing. I certainly was not a member of one at the time. Therfore, my only way of communicating with my customers was via the regular methods: phone, chat, and email. I think I was successful at my job and did a good job of keeping up with customers. But now, I am friends with clients through everything from FaceBook to Linkedin to Twitter. Linkedin is great, because you are able to add referrals and comments on service, and really help to expand one another's business. It is also hilarious to get to know the more personal side of my clients by looking at silly pictures of them and seeing their comments on FaceBook. It definitely lightens the atmosphere and makes it even more enjoyable to work with one another when conducting business.

As you can see on SoftLayer's website, you can network with us as a company through FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and GitHub. So please come and check us out for all of the latest updates on product offerings, improvements, and advancements that SoftLayer has to offer you! Oh, and I would be happy to be your personal friend too!