Bigger, Better, Badder!

November 24, 2010

Part of the branding exercise that we are going through post-merger revolves around the tag line “Bigger, Better, Badder”. And it is true. Every word of it.

Bigger: We will have 75,000 servers under our control. That is more than Rackspace (63,996). We are the largest dedicated hosting provider in the world, possibly the galaxy. That is kool.

Better: We have all of these servers and yet we have less than 20% of the people that Rackspace do. Automation (sorry, automagic) and innovation rule the SoftLayer world. We are better at this than anyone else.

Badder: Our CEO is Lance Crosby. He is 6’6”, tips the scales at 350, drives an F250 and rides an Iron Horse. Need I say more?