Full Circle

October 14, 2010

One of the great things about working in the Hosting industry is knowing that lots of cool stuff is right at your fingertips. Our data centers host tens of thousands of servers, many with several sites, from the smallest mom and pop “about me” type site, to the large scale social networking sites. Another interesting facet of the job is curiosity. I find myself trying to figure out where some of my favorite sites are hosted.

When we get tickets from our customers oftentimes we’ll have to do extensive research to get to the bottom of an issue. As much as I’d like to claim to be a walking tech-dictionary, I’m a horrible liar. Google is a good friend to us, and points us to a wealth of resources. Around the internet there are plenty of white-papers, how-to’s, forums, and tech blogs. Where this gets interesting is when Google points us to a location hosted here at SoftLayer!

I look at this as an example of things going full circle. Customers helping us help customers. The beauty of the tech industry is there really are no trade secrets. The open-source community is great about assisting each other, and those who lean towards Microsoft have tons of tech forums, Technet and MS KB articles. Being able to host many of these types of sites is an honor to me, because we’re doing our part in assisting the IT Community as a whole.