Fun with Lists!

November 29, 2010

Back when I was doing research for my interview with SoftLayer, one of the things I looked for was financial data. Since SoftLayer isn’t a public company, I couldn’t get financial statements. However, I did find some nice round numbers in a press releases that said they did about $110 million in annual revenue. I thought, hey that’s not bad… Then I kept reading and when I saw that there were 170 employees I became impressed. For those without a calculator handy, at these numbers SoftLayer does about $647,000 in revenue a year per employee.

Because people loves lists, I looked up a few other company’s revenue / employee. These are in no particular industry and have nothing specific in common other than that they were the first to come to my mind.

CompanyRevenue Per Employee
Exxon $3,235,638
Amazon $1,266,667
Google $1,180,832
Toyota $764,216
Microsoft $702,022
SoftLayer $647,059
Nike $563,663
Intel $523,133
AT&T $463,656
American Express $416,295
Dreamworks $335,052
Anheuser-Busch $315,172
New York Times $314,416
Oracle $283,048
IBM $238,541
Rackspace $232,512
Whole Foods $203,256
Walmart $198,410

Does anyone else think gas prices could be lower?

Note: The data for revenue and number of employees was either pulled for public press releases or by looking at the Company Profile (# employees) and Key Statistics (Revenue) on Yahoo! Finance.