New Parents in a Technical Age

October 26, 2010

From discovering I was soon to be a father to the day to day progress of pregnancy, technology has been there to explain and even help with planning for the future.

Smart phones that have applications to plan and track the progress of my wife’s pregnancy combined with the incredible resource that is the internet have taught me an amazing number of things.

It’s really helped by understanding what’s happening and keeping me informed with how the baby should be progressing; not to mention helping me to understand what my significant other may be feeling or what she’s going through. It’s had a definite impact on decisions regarding what we should be doing, how we should be eating, and how to make a much healthier child. We have have found products and devices to help with tending our new born, keeping it save, and assisting with day to day caring.

There are even sites and applications to help prep you for the birth of your child and to help you learn parenting techniques for use when your child becomes older. I recommend that any new parent check out apps such as ‘Bump’ if you have a smart phone or check online at places like which contain information on pregnancy and having children.