Tour 2010

April 26, 2010

Ask any SL Employee, and they’ll tell you, we love our schwag. On any given day, you can walk around the datacenter and see several of the employees sporting one of the many items in our line. Recently we’ve announced our 2010 world tour. Overnight, skulls and crossbones dotted the NOC.

2010 U.S. Tour - Kicking AAS and taking names

That’s right – we’re officially rock stars. The logo itself screams ‘kick-butt’, and the guitar pick embedded within hints at our dream of world domination, rock star style. Instead of killer riffs and addictive hooks, though, we’re using best in the industry hardware and first class services.

It doesn’t stop there, though. It’s like a battle of the bands here in the NOC. Sometimes when you need that extra edge, there’s nothing like some good music to get you moving, up your concentration just a bit, or just drown out the ambient noise (chatter) around you. I’ve got a Pandora station for almost every conceivable genre of music (except for boy bands… that really doesn’t succeed in anything but making me imagine tens of thousands of screaming sixteen year olds – not cool). As the support team crunches away solving problems, you can hear the music going. Our SBE’s crank up their headphones in the datacenter while building the servers. Heck, even some of our team members are ACTUAL rock stars.

The rock star mentality is engrained into all of us here. We all know we’re on the best team in the business, and we sure as heck act like it. We walk with our heads up high, our 3 bars for all to see. (At one point a member of management shaved the 3 bars into their hair to support our SLales team for knocking a goal out of the park. THAT’S a rock star haircut). Keep your eyes out for SoftLayer on our tour. Coming to a town near you!