You say Data Center?

September 28, 2010

During a chat with one of my friends the other day, I came to the realization that I have been working as a Data center tech for 5 years now with 2+ years here at Softlayer. I have to admit that I have seen a lot of different styles of how they are run. My data center life started with a place in which the ethernet cabling looked more like a rat nests with duct tape holding it up. My young mind knew that it wasn’t right, and I promptly ended that internship. My next experience was a little better, although deep in my mind I could see the efficiencies that could be gained by doing some things differently.

When I came to Softlayer it was definitely a shock. This is a place that looks like those fake Datacenters you see in the movies. Everything is clean, uniform looking, efficient and functional. The best part of working here is the fact that the culture is not just about keeping things running to turn a profit, but also to make it better and push beyond our limitations to become better than the rest.

This is the first job that I am happy to have, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me here at Softlayer. 3Bars for life!