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March 23, 2009

Naked Servers

So, Fat Tuesday rolls around and all of the datacenter employees are treated to King cake. Little do I know that we are starting a new tradition up here at SoftLayer: blogs for the baby.

So, the day goes by and everything is normal when I decide to break myself off a chunk of this King cake… Eat a little, work a little, eat a little, work a little and BAM! There is this baby just hiding in my next bite. At that point I have to just jump up and proclaim my victory! YES! I’m the lucky one that found the baby! But wait, why is everyone asking me about some unknown blog? What is this that they speak of? Some sort of mixture of baby and log?, that just does not sound right. This whole thing is too confusing for a guy that just buries his head in a server all day long.

So here I am; just wondering “What do I,” of all people, “write in a blog?” I do not read blogs, follow micro-blogs, or even really participate in these new fangled social world wide web sites. Sure, I am on the mighty book of faces, but not really to do anything other than have an account after everyone bugged me for months. Am I just that out of date with this internet fad (which I think may just catch on)?

Oh well, I go on with my day of wondering and bewilderment. I work a few more tickets and make some customers happy and overhear my boss talking about finally getting Cable. Wow, I thought that I was out of date, but, just, WOW. He is complaining that you have to get everything as a bundle; no hand picking the channels that you want. He doesn’t need the extra 900 channels of fluff. I’ve heard this story so many times, but I then begin to wonder the same.

Most industries have either catered to their customers exact needs or are moving in that direction, but not cable. What other industries are forcing you to bundle? For the most part, in order to get any type of deal, you must order your servers as part of some special bundle with most hosting providers. You want a cost efficient server that you can use to host your home business with, you have to get the whole kit and kaboodle, but not here at SoftLayer! I know that we have many customers that use other Managed Hosting providers that bundle their services with the cost of the server, which on the surface appears to be a great deal, but once they are up and going they do not need any further off-site management of the server to be done. The server is up, customized and should anybody aside from their admin login it could cause major issues with their “Optimization” techniques. These same people will often get a server with us, for their dev work, and find that we provide hardware on par with or better than their Managed Hosting provider, but are not going to bundle in some “Management” fee. We also offer iSCSI, NAS, EVault, CDN, Transcoding, Gigabit, Bandwidth Pooling, Vulnerability Assessment, PCI Scans, IPS (NIPS and HIPS), AntiVirus, Virtualization, OOB IPMI (SOL and KVM) , an API for EVERY method in our Portal(ohh, what some of our customers have been able to accomplish), Automated OS Reloads, Anycast DNS, Hardware Firewalls, Load Balancing, Global Load Balancing, Tipping Point, FREE Cross Connects, private vlan’s, local mirrors/repositories for operating systems and other software, Customer to Customer Cross Connects... do I need to keep going? We have a ton of new offerings on the horizon!

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