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July 30, 2010

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

All of my life I have been awkward in some way or another; afro in middle school, braces in high school, soccer player in a football loving town, not to mention that I have tripped at least once a day for roughly 11 years now. The most frustrating however, is that from middle school through high school, when clothing actually mattered, I was always too tall and too skinny to make any of the trendy threads fit me. Have you ever been able to find 28X33 jeans? I sure couldn’t. So I settled for 30X32’s and everyone enjoyed the visible cinch in my waist from my belt and a nice view of my sweet white tube socks shining from right below the cuff of my jeans.

When I was a kid, I could’ve sworn that we had a magical washing machine, because in the few instances when I actually found a nice small shirt that didn’t make me look like I had a blanket draped over my skinny bones, I went home, washed it like every normal human being does and presto chango, the drying machine would spit out a crop top circa 1980. Unless you are shopping for dress shirts or online, this predicament still haunts young, preteen boys such as my old self.

I’m sure that you can imagine my frustration as I always wished that someone would just offer more customization and options to provide me with a better fit. Instead of satisfying the customer, these companies limited their customer base by expecting the customer to bend and adjust to the options of the provider. But who is the servicer and who is supposed to getting serviced? Fortunately for those out there looking for cloud computing instances equipped with specific and varying RAM, CPU and storage needs, look no further. Softlayer Technologies now offers a revolutionary new service called Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC for short) that allows you to completely customize your cloud service and tailor it to your exact specifications. BYOC is featured in reviews by both Neovise and PCWorld. Neovise praises the new development stating that “This new ability to personalize the size and price of cloud servers can benefit every SoftLayer customer." The impressive part of this development is that we are the first and only ones offering such a service and once again we are on the cutting edge of technology and leading the way for other hosting services to follow. After all, in the words of Nathan Day, Softlayer’s CTO, “One thing we’ve learned along the way is that one size doesn’t fit all. (PCWorld)” So when considering who can meet your needs the best, just remember that at Softlayer, you can have it your way.


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