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July 22, 2010


I was thinking the other day about languages. It came to mind because when The Girl was about 3 ½ or so; she had invented her own language. She would typically use this language when she was "reading" a book in her bed before going to sleep. She would say “words” that had a flow to them, but it was not recognizable as English, or Spanish, or any other language. So one night, The Husband asked The Girl what language she was speaking, and she replied, without hesitating or missing a beat, "Green." If she got into the flow of her language, you could stop her while she was “reading” and ask her what something meant. My all-time favorite from the language of Green was the word "gronka." Gronka means mad, angry. (And no, this was not referring to me – she was talking about something in one of her books). Other words that I remember are "shun sho," which referred to a rash she would get in the winter-time from eczema and "magogle," which refers to an ogre head (don’t ask). Alas, Green appears to be a dead language like Latin, because as The Girl has gotten older, she has resorted exclusively to English.

And of course, we have our own SLanguage here at SoftLayer (in addition to the official, super secret, street cred, gangsta sign). We have SLackers and SLayers (guess we all know which category our pink-clad CFO falls under). And we have the SLadies, as in “The SLadies are going to happy hour, wanna come?” We can also add: SLimey, SLake, SLeer, SLuper, SLervers, SLales, SLOps, and the SList goes on and on and on….. I’m getting SLeepy, just thinking about it. Additionally, thanks to our international customer base, we have also added vernacular from other cultures to our SLanguage. Another all-time favorite: “Please do the needful.” This is used whenever you need someone to help you out or to get something done, as in, "Sean, I need a fully-executed copy of the lease from our Landlord (SLandlord??), please do the needful." Great, isn’t it?? The phrase is descriptive on so many levels. Well, I need to go back to SLaving away on some SLegal stuff….. Until later, and let me know some of your favorite SoftLayer sayings!

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