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July 14, 2011

Skinson 1634AR15 Compliance

Skinson's 1634AR15 Competency Controlled Certification of Compliance
New Compliance structure makes a compliance officer's life much easier.

Dallas -- In a world where auditor to auditor reports are out of control and we have a mountain of complex compliances to worry about, one competent compliancy controlled certification of compliance finally comes forth (and not a minute too soon).

"This new groundbreaking idea will change the lives of many competing auditing firms, law firms, accounting firms and so on," says Steve Kinman. "I spend countless hours reading controls for one report and different controls for another report, and the only difference is the verbiage and format."

The new Skinson 1634AR15 Certification combines your SAS70, SSAE16, ROC, VOC, SOC, NIST, SARBOX, PCI, OMB, ACART, CFDA, HIPAA and SAFE HARBOR compliance into a single report using a set framework that automorphs based upon which auditor is touching the report or viewing it in the state of the art Skinson Portal.

"The Skinson portal is mind-blowing," says Val Stinson. "The automorph feature is something straight out of the movies. It knows who is reading and can change the wording on the fly. This keeps auditors from scratching their heads when the words in the report don't match the words their instruction book."

The introductory price for full Skinson 1634AR15 Compliance Certification is $1,000,000 USD. This is all-inclusive and will sufficiently cover all of your compliance needs.

Steve Kinman

About Skinson
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Skinson is a fictional company that likes to poke fun at the difficult job of compliance in the world. While we find that it can be overwhelming at times, we understand that compliance is a necessary evil. We would like to note that something like we dream about above would be very nice and would save the world a ton of work and cut down on our carbon footprint considerably. If you are in a position of control and can make the above happen please help us!!

On a side note, SoftLayer will do everything we can to help you with any compliance you need. Just ask your local sales team for help, and they will find the right person and get you in contact.


P.S. The actual reason for this blog post is that we just announced that the control procedures and compliance for our 11 data centers have been verified in a Service Organization Control Report (SOC 1) prepared under the terms of the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16) by independent auditing firm Weaver.

April 20, 2011

An Innovative Approach to Managed Hosting

One of SoftLayer's driving principles is innovation — Our mantra is 'Innovate or Die.' We don't focus on offering the lowest cost solutions; we strive to offer the most innovative solutions, which in turn brings customers the greatest value.

Take as an example SoftLayer Managed Hosting, a new service we're launching this week.

A quick survey of the market tells us a number of key things about managed hosting in terms of the value proposition offered, as well as the challenges that it can present. The value proposition seems clear: Organizations that need their infrastructure managed and don't have the internal resources to do so can either expand their IT capabilities or look externally to a service provider to take on the work. Many choose the second option because it is much faster and more cost effective than building an internal function. Elimination of infrastructure management responsibilities combined with a lower price would seem to deliver significant value.

So where's the downside?

A typical managed services deal comes with a 3-5 year contract, often accompanied by an early termination fee. The end result: customer lock-in. If the service is not up to snuff, it is difficult to move to another provider.

This is great for the provider, but not so great for the customer. To make matters even less customer-centric, these deals tend to be "all or none" affairs. The service provider wants to add management fees to everything versus just those pieces that the customer wants managed. In addition to that, provisioning time can be horrendous. A managed environment typically takes anywhere from 10-15 business days before the customer can access the environment. That's a painful length of time when you compare it with the five minutes it takes to provision a SoftLayer cloud instance and the 2-4 hours it takes to get a dedicated box online and ready for you.

Understanding the competitive landscape, we decided to take a different approach with our Managed Hosting: The innovative approach.

Instead of a 10-15 day provisioning window, we'll have your managed environment up and running within one (1) business day of ordering.

From a contract perspective, we are confident enough in our service to offer a month-to-month terms. If you don't like the service or if we can't deliver, you should be free to find a provider that meets your needs — no penalties incurred. Isn't it time to expect a provider to earn your business each month? This arrangement also makes managed hosting feasible for short-term needs and applications.

Additionally, SoftLayer Managed Hosting is not "all or none." We'll manage only the pieces of the solution that you want managed.

And to top everything off, it just so happens that we can deliver these solutions at a price point lower than anyone else in the market because of the platform's flexibility.

In this case, innovation brings customers the greatest service value AND the best price!



P.S. Neovise prepared a detailed report on our managed hosting offering: A New Breed of Managed Hosting for the Cloud Computing Age. If you like white papers (and who doesn't?), it'll be right up your alley.

February 3, 2011

Access Logs: A Look at Egypt's Current Usage

Social unrest can affect our ability to serve our customers. In Egypt, the government recently cut off nearly all access to the Internet, so customers trying to access our servers from Egyptian IP space have been largely unsuccessful. How unsuccessful?

I gathered all the netblocks assigned to Egypt (currently around 5.8 million unique IPv4 IP addresses), and I queried our customer portal access logs and API for records of those IPs. We saw a massive drop on 1/28/2011. This coincides with reports on most major news networks that Egypt’s Internet access had been crippled. Prior to the January 28, the traffic was fairly typical.

Then this happened:

Between January 28 and February 2, about 0.2% of the traffic we normally see from Egypt reached our network. That means 99.8% of traffic was stifled by the network shutdowns.

As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, the Egyptian government restored Internet service, and our logs clearly corroborate that report.


May 5, 2010


I am just curious how many ways we use the word network and how many different meanings it has. If you think about it we use it in many ways. The word was first seen in the 1500’s and related to knitting and weaving silk like a net and then in the 1600’s it refers to reticulate structures in animals and plants. In the 1800’s it is used to refer to rivers, canals, railways, and a distribution of electrical cables. In 1914 it is used to describe a wireless broadcasting system. Yep, I said 1914 and wireless in the same sentence (think Radio). Read more here.

As you can see the word has the possibility for quite a few meanings. We use the word today for quite a few things. We do this with other words in the English language as well. Here are a couple of my favorites.

“They’re over there talking about their cars.” And “He should sell those sails while they are on sale.”

The English language can be very tricky because the same words can have different meaning or different words can sound the same when spoken. Here is my best attempt at a network sentence.

“I was on my wireless network, networking with some of my in-network physicians while watching my favorite network TV show.” Um, could I get some help diagramming this sentence over here?

According to Google Webmaster tools SoftLayer uses the word Network 1916 times on our entire site. The only other word we use more is of course the word SoftLayer (because we like our name I assume!) and it has a total of 7235. I think you will see in the coming months that these two numbers will get closer together as we have just rolled out our new network.

You can read all about it here and if you like what you see then please click our “Like” button in the upper right corner of the page. Here are a few of the fun details:

  • 1,000 Gbps of connectivity between 3 data centers and 7 points of presence – It makes a great network that looks like a net!
  • Increased number of transit providers and peers - more control, lower latency, improved routes - PING times will improve.
  • VPN Access to all PoPs – reduces latency between you and our network.
  • Enterprise Grade DNS located in all 10 PoPs – this will improve d performance and help with DDOS mitigation.
  • Direct Connections to PoPs – Get a Metro WAN direct to SoftLayer private network.

Keep looking for more new announcements in the coming weeks. I would make a checklist but it would be very long and would take too much of my time to manage!

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