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June 10, 2010

Black Plague!

So this weekend I had an opportunity to go to something called ‘Scarborough Fair’ which is a renaissance festival about 45 minutes outside of downtown Dallas. To give some idea of how large this festival is, it is a 167 acre site. At this festival people of all ages participate in this organic performance of sorts. You’ll have knights walking next to you while you are getting a turkey leg from one of the many vendors; you’ll have people dressed up as gnomes shooting you with blow-dart guns filled with marshmallows, and lots more interesting things happening all the time. It is really a fantastic experience.

The reason I bring this up is because here at SoftLayer we stay on the bleeding edge of technology. If you hear about a new technology that comes out related to the hosting industry, you can be sure that SoftLayer is hard at work at finding a way to integrate it into our systems. At this renaissance festival there were people using very old techniques to make things that we take for granted now. I saw glass blowing, blacksmithing, coin minting and all of these things were accomplished without the use of modern technology.

It is easy to forget that there was a time before electricity, before cell phones, and before gasp the internet. All in all it was a very enlightening trip, and it really made me appreciate the ingenuity of the people of that era, and before. Sure, we have iPhones, Laptops, and Bluetooth, but when was the last time you saw someone blacksmithing a sword, or practicing their knife throwing (very cool btw)? I can type about a hundred words a minute, but I don’t think I would fare to well in a joust.

Yesterdays artisans are today’s programmers and developers. They designed ingenious inventions to handle day to day tasks. Our developers manipulate the virtual world to do all sorts of amazing things. If you have a chance to go to something like this, I strongly recommend doing so, and if you have kids then be sure to bring them along. Experience all the fun of the Renaissance, without worrying about that pesky black plague!

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